My blog is moving! Come check out my new Food/Travel blog (in progress)

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re all having a great spring!  I just got back from a short (but sweet) visit to beautiful Vermont. It was my first visit there in years, which was a real treat because I normally get there a couple times a year (!). It was a long overdue visit and great to be back. I’ll be sharing our adventure of the beautiful countryside, craft beer/cider/wine touring, delicious food, chocolate tasting (and more) very soon.

For now, here is a gorgeous photo of this handsome lad enjoying some yummy beer sampling atop of a hill at one of thee beer mecca’s of the world… apparently— according to craft beer fanatics anyway. Many of whom do regular pilgrimages to this place which is located fairly close to Stowe.  Beer is super tasty and what a view to go with it….

You’ll find that story soon on my brand new blog! Speaking of which….Yep, I’ve FINALLY got my new food/travel blog up n’ running with a brand new name. I’ve moved all my stories over, so you should be able to look up older posts. As a result I won’t be posting anymore on this one and I’m also cancelling this domain…so not sure if it’ll even be visible.

I’m in the process of redirecting this blog to a new one, which has a completely new domain name. On the off chance it doesn’t work and I wasn’t successful in moving all my wonderful followers over (that’s you guys! :D), I hope you’ll come check out my new site and re-follow me at Pies & Prejudice. (–just in case the link doesn’t show).  The new site is bare bones right now as I’m still creating and working out the kinks, but it should be up for you to take a peek at.  I’ll be tweaking  things as I go and I’m also very excited to share more of my recipes as well.

Part of the delay getting the new site going was figuring out how to move everything from this blog over to my new one. It would have definitely been a lot easier to just start anew and not bother with all my old posts. But you never know when you guys will want to go to PEI or New Orleans and want to read my wonderful adventures to get some ideas or inspiration…right?? (ha ha okay okay, mayyybe not).

I hope to see you over there and I’ll DEFINITELY be posting regularly. Which means more than one story/post a season (lol). Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too, if you’re not already: You won’t regret it.

Have a wonderful weekend all, and I’ll leave you with this photo of me doing some excruciating work (HA!) taste-testing some delicious cider –which I was very happy to come across in the land of craft beer, especially since I’m not supposed to be not drinking beer (OOPS). The sweet cherry cider made with fresh cherry buds was worth the visit to Vermont, alone.

Hope to see you at my new blog!

Love,  Dana xo


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